House 444, Street 6,
Chardehi Watt, District 6, Karte Seh, Kabul, Afghanistan +93 20 250 11 77


Simply put, nyeexpress is a one-stop shop, a full-service company which extends the reach of its customer's products, services and messages to all markets of Afghanistan through:

Founded in 2002, nyeexpress is an Afghan owned and operated company.
Our mission is to facilitate the flow of commerce and information so that Afghans can have the necessary tools to rebuild their lives after three decades of war.
For the owners of the company, delivery is defined by the delivery of products, services, information and communication. Business is defined as a social responsibility to create sustainable jobs and help improve living standards.
With 10 zonal offices and service to all 34 provinces of Afghanistan as well as, nyeexpress is connecting both urban and rural communities with each other and the nation's capital every day.

To accomplish its mission, the company's operational team turned their knowledge of Afghanistan's humanitarian distribution networks used as aid workers during the years of war into distribution networks dedicated to providing Afghans with the resources they need to rebuild their lives.
In addition to sales and distribution, the company uses its in-depth knowledge of the nation's diverse cultures and communication traditions to effectively promote new ideas and concepts through a dynamic marketing division.

It's no coincidence that nyeexpress's client portfolio is as dynamic as it is:

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